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Area Calculator 1.3

It calculates the area and perimeter of 2D objects
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Calculate various areas and perimeters of 2D objects as well as circles, ellipses, sectors, segments, rings and ring sectors. Provides results for hyperbolas, rectangles, polygons, and triangles.

Area Calculator can calculate some parameters and the area and perimeter of 2D objects.
The program can obtain results for different types of objects. It divides them into categories. E. G. , the Circles category includes circle, ellipse, sector, segment, ring and ring sector. Area Calculator can also provide results for Hyperbolas, Rectangles, Polygons and Triangles. Once you choose the type of object you want, the program will display in its window the values needed to perform the calculations. When you finish entering those values, the program will show you the obtained results. You can perform calculations by adding or subtracting the areas and perimeters obtained, and display the formulas used for obtaining these results.

The unregistered version of this program will not display neither the calculated areas and perimeters nor the formula used for most of the objects. It will just calculate the parameters that you are not required to enter. For example, if you enter the values for a right triangle, just entering the value for two of the sides, the program will calculate and display the value for the remaining side.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It can calculate the area and perimeter of the most common objects


  • The demo version does not display areas, perimeters or formulas for most of the objects
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